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With the increasing number of tourists, Sorong offers more and more places to stay.

From local homestays to popular 4* hotel-chains you can find anything – depending on how much you want to spend and what kind of facilities you want to enjoy.

It also depends if you only stay for a night and catch the next flight out in the morning or if you have a few days to explore Sorong City and the surroundings.

Some hotels are old but still in good condition. Some others need a proper renovation. And there are some newer ones that offer a gym and a swimming pool for their in-house guests.

To find the best hotel deals for your stay in Sorong, we recommend using They offer great rates for all hotels. Customer reviews give you an insight into each one of them and help you choosing the right one.

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Little House with laundry in the garden in Sorong
Wooden bungalow in Sorong area with wooden swing in front
Simple wooden house with roof made out of leaves surrounded by green nature