UPDATE: Current Situation in Sorong

An incident in Surabaya on 17th August (Independence Day of Indonesia) was the reason for demonstrations and protests in several major cities in the provinces of Papua and West Papua

During those protests the internet was blocked by the Indonesian government in both provinces.

Since beginning of September, the situation in Sorong has calmed down. No more demonstrations or protests were being held in the streets. 4G mobile network is available again in the area since mid of September.


It is recommended to avoid large crowds and demonstrations. It is not recommended to interfere or participate in the events.
Taking photos or videos is strictly forbidden

Visiting Raja Ampat is no problem.

Trips to the highlands of Papua depend on your starting point. Wamena, for instance, has recently been the scene of renewed violent protests. Contact your local guide, hotel or resort for further information. 

If you need any further information, contact us HERE.

Updated 9th October 2019